Solvent Dependence of Structural Dynamics and Spin-flip Processes in 3,4,5-tri(9H-carbazole-9-yl)benzonitrile (ortho-3CzBN)

We have investigated the solvent-dependence of structural changes along with intersystem crossing of a thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) molecule, 3,4,5-tri(9H-carbazole-9-yl)benzonitrile (o-3CzBN), in toluene, tetrahydrofuran, and acetonitrile solutions using time-resolved infrared (TR-IR) spectroscopy and DFT calculations. We found that the geometries of the S1 and T1 states are very similar in all solvents though the photophysical properties mostly depend on the solvent. In addition, the time-dependent DFT calculations based on these geometries suggested that the thermally activated delayed fluorescence process of o-3CzBN is governed more by the higher-lying excited states than by the structural changes in the excited states.