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See the Forest, Ignore the Trees: A Minimalist Approach to Metal Hydride Tank Modelling Maximizing General Practical Usability

submitted on 23.10.2019 and posted on 25.10.2019 by Roland Hermann Pawelke

A simple and practical method for describing transient metal hydride tank behaviour in fuel cell energy systems is outlined, requiring only a minimum of fundamental thermodynamic and kinetic input data. The solution is developed top-down by means of the generic pressure-time course of hydrogen release from a metal hydride tank that is coupled to a fuel cell. This approach towards a comprehensive model allows for the untangling of engineering and chemistry issues and offers an alternative to the transient simulation of metal hydride bed temperature distribution. While a practitioner of the art may benefit from that result in its own right, the essence of this work rests with the paradigm of understanding the problem.


European Space Agency grant 4000105330/12/NL/CLP


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