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Salt Dependent Mesoscopic Model for RNA with Multiple Strand Concentrations

submitted on 22.11.2020, 22:21 and posted on 23.11.2020, 13:21 by Izabela Ferreira, Tauanne Dias Amarante, Gerald Weber
Mesoscopic models can be used for the description of the thermodynamic properties of RNA duplexes. With the use of experimental melting temperatures, its parametrization can provide important insights into its hydrogen bonds and stacking interactions as has been done for high sodium concentrations. However, the RNA parametrization for lower salt concentrations is still missing due to the limited amount of published melting temperature data. While the Peyrard-Bishop (PB) parametrization was found to be largely independent of strand concentrations, it requires that all temperatures are provided at the same strand concentrations. Here we adapted the PB model to handle multiple strand concentrations and in this way we were able to make use of an experimental set of temperatures to model the hydrogen bond and stacking interactions at low and intermediate sodium concentrations. For the parametrizations we make a distinction between terminal and internal base pairs, and the resulting potentials were qualitatively similar as we obtained previously for DNA. The main difference from DNA parameters, was the Morse potentials at low sodium concentrations for terminal r(AU) which is stronger than d(AT), suggesting higher hydrogen bond strength.


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