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Reverse Thinking of Aggregation-Induced Emission Principle: Amplifying Molecular Motions to Boost Photothermal Efficiency of Nanofibers

submitted on 05.06.2020, 01:31 and posted on 05.06.2020, 13:24 by Haoxuan Li, Haifei Wen, Zhijun Zhang, Nan Song, Dong Wang, Ben Zhong Tang
Development of efficient photothermal nanofibers is of vital importance, but remaining a big challenge. Herein, with reverse thinking of aggregation-induced emission (AIE) principle, we demonstrate an ingenious and universal protocol for amplifying molecular motions to boost photothermal efficiency of nanofibers. Core-shell nanofibers having the olive oil solution of AIE-active molecules as the core surrounded by PVDF-HFP shell were constructed by coaxial electrospinning. The molecularly dissolved state of AIE-active molecules allows them to freely rotate and/or vibrate in nanofibers upon photoexcitation and thus significantly elevates the proportion of non-radiative energy dissipation, affording impressive heat-generating efficiency.


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