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Restricted-Variance Constrained, Reaction Path, and Transition State Molecular Optimizations Using Gradient-Enhanced Kriging

revised on 29.12.2020, 13:20 and posted on 30.12.2020, 08:52 by Ignacio Fernández Galván, Gerardo Raggi, Roland Lindh
Gaussian process regression has recently been explored as an alternative to standard surrogate models in molecular equilibrium geometry optimization. In particular, the gradient-enhanced Kriging approach in association with internal coordinates, restricted-variance optimization, and an efficient and fast estimate of hyperparameters has demonstrated performance on par or better than standard methods. In this report, we extend the approach to constrained optimizations and transition states and benchmark it for a set of reactions. We compare the performance of the new developed method with the standard techniques in the location of transition states and in constrained optimizations, both isolated and in the context of reaction path computation. The results show that the method outperforms the current standard in efficiency as well as in robustness.


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