Response to “Comment on ‘Probing the Origins of Photodegradation in Organic-Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskites with Time-Resolved Mass Spectrometry’”

In a recent article, we investigated the photodegradation of various organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites using time-resolved mass spectrometry (MS). Dr. Juarez-Perez raises some concerns in his comment to our work, with an emphasis on distinguishing the difference in the results observed for methylammonium lead iodide perovskite (MAPbI3) in our study and his work. After reviewing Dr. Juarez-Perez‘s comment and exchanging ideas with him, we found that both articles complement each other well. To examine common ground and differences in the results and interpretations, we offer our response here to address some important issues he raised.