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Research on Thermal Neutron Shielding Performance of TiB2-Al Composite Materials-ChemRxiv.pdf (415.24 kB)

Research on Thermal Neutron Shielding Performance of TiB2-Al Composite Materials

submitted on 20.01.2021, 03:34 and posted on 21.01.2021, 05:05 by Chao Wang, Zhefu Li, Mengge Dong, Lu Zhang, Jianxing Liu, Xiaozhou Cao, Xiangxin Xue

Although the various excellent properties and preparation methods of TiB2-based composites have been extensively studied, their neutron shielding properties have not received as much attention. In this article, the neutron shielding performance of the previously prepared TiB2-Al composite will be studied. The photo neutron source device was used to carry out neutron irradiation tests on test samples with a thickness of 10 mm. The average thermal neutron shielding rate of TiB2-based boron-containing composites is 17.55%, and the shielding rate increases with the increase of BN content. The macroscopic cross-section of thermal neutrons of the composites generally shows a stable trend, and when the BN content is 10%, the thermal neutrons macroscopic cross section reaches the maximum value of 7.58cm-1. With the increase of the BN content, the thermal neutron fluence rate shows a gradually decreasing trend.




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