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Reorganization of self-assembled DNA-based polymers using orthogonally addressable building blocks.pdf (4.22 MB)

Reorganization of Self-Assembled DNA-Based Polymers Using Orthogonally Addressable Building Blocks

submitted on 26.01.2021, 15:59 and posted on 27.01.2021, 12:50 by Serena Gentile, Erica Del Grosso, Leonard J. Prins, Francesco Ricci
Taking advantage of the addressability and programmability of DNA/DNA non-covalent interactions we report here the rational design of orthogonal DNA-based addressable tiles that self-assemble into polymer-like structures that can be reconfigured and reorganized by external inputs. The different tiles share the same 5-nucleotide sticky ends responsible for self-assembly but are rationally designed to contain a specific regulator-binding domain that can be orthogonally targeted by different DNA regulator strands (activators and inhibitors). We show that by sequentially adding specific activators and inhibitors it is possible to re-organize in a dynamic and reversible way the formed polymer-like structures to display well-defined distributions: homopolymers made of a single tile, random polymers in which different tiles are distributed randomly and block structures in which the tiles are organized in segments.


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