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Remodelling a Shp: Transmetallation in a Rare-Earth Cluster-Based Metal–Organic Framework

submitted on 27.04.2021, 22:16 and posted on 28.04.2021, 10:11 by Hudson de Aguiar Bicalho, P. Rafael Donnarumma, Victor Quezada-Novoa, Hatem M. Titi, Ashlee J Howarth

Post-synthetic modification (PSM) of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) is an important strategy for accessing MOF analogues that cannot be easily synthesized de novo. In this work, the rare-earth (RE) cluster-based MOF, Y-CU-10, with shp topology was modified through transmetallation using a series of RE ions, including: La(III), Nd(III), Eu(III), Tb(III), Er(III), Tm(III), and Yb(III). In all cases, metal-exchange higher than 70 % was observed, with reproducible results. All transmetallated materials were fully characterized and compared to the parent MOF, Y-CU-10, in regards to crystallinity, surface area, and morphology. Additionally, single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SCXRD) measurements were performed to provide further evidence of transmetallation occurring in the nonanuclear cluster nodes of the MOF.


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