Receptor Determinant Analogues for All 9-O-Ac-Sialoglycan-Recognizing Corona Viruses

2020-05-07T07:19:45Z (GMT) by Pratibha Preeti Maurya

In present study, analogues of receptor determinants were identified, which can mimic 9-O-Acsialoglycan-recognition by viruses and its usage in antiviral. It is well known that receptor determinants are part of host cell surface receptors which are recognized by virus surface glycoprotein as the first interaction of the target cell. This recognition governs the further processes of viral infection. Similar to other influenza viruses, Corona virus also processes through mechanisms of host interaction. This hostvirus interaction involves a conserved domain at interaction component of virus, which is known to be a key component during the process of virus infection. Therefore in the present study profile of possible Pharmacophore of conserved domain was used as a filter to identify analogues of receptor determinant from database ZINC database. The identified molecules were re-observed among the applicability domain defined by existing antiviral drugs as well as natural existing receptor determinant with sialic acid. The identified molecule needs to be further evaluated through in-vitro experiments.