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Quasi-3D Modeling of Li-ion Batteries Based on Single 2D Image

submitted on 01.02.2021, 08:34 and posted on 03.02.2021, 09:06 by Yoichi Takagishi, Tatsuya Yamaue, Takumi Yamanaka
In this work, we developed an advanced electrochemical physics-based simulation method for Li-ion batteries that enabled a quasi-3D simulation of charge/discharge using only a single 2D slice image. The governing equations are based on typical theories of electrochemical reactions and ion transport. From referencing the 2D plane, the model was able to simulate both the Li concentration in the active material and the Li-ion concentration in the electrolyte for their subsequent consideration in a virtual 3D structure. To confirm the validity of our proposed model, a full 3D discharge simulation with randomly packed active material particles was performed and compared with the results of the quasi-3D model and a simple-2D model. Results indicated that the quasi-3D model properly reproduced the sliced Li and Li-ion concentrations simulated by the full 3D model in the charge/discharge process, whereas the simple-2D simulation partially overestimated or underestimated these concentrations. Finally, we applied the model to an actual Scanning Electron Microscopy equipped with a Focused Ion Beam (FIB-SEM) image of a positive electrode.


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