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Quantitative Amplitude- and Phase- Contrast Plasmonic Microscopy with High Spatial Resolution

submitted on 31.05.2019, 09:09 and posted on 03.06.2019, 15:34 by Yuting Yang, Chunhui Zhai, Ab Lateef Khan, Hui Yu
Plasmonic microscopy is a powerful tool for nanoscopic bio and chemical sample analysis due to its high sensitivity. Here, we demonstrated the quantitative amplitude- and phase- contrast imaging capabilities of plasmonic microscopy through holographical reconstructions of the interferometric plasmonic patterns. Operating interferometric plasmonic microscopy over the surface plasmon resonance angle separates twin images, and allows for accurately mapping the amplitude and phase of surface plasmon fields. The unique capabilities enable direct visualization of complex surface plasmon fields without the need for nanoscopic probes, and high-spatial-resolution imaging of nanoparticles. The proposed technology is a promising platform for nanoplasmonic study and for various sensing purposes.


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