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Pyrolysis of Complexes of Metallosulphophthalocyanines with Chitosan for Obtaining Graphite-like structures

revised on 13.01.2021, 10:11 and posted on 13.01.2021, 11:34 by Natalia Lebedeva, Sabir Guseinov, Elena Yurina, Yury Gubarev, Anatoly V'yugin


Polymer complexes of chitosan with copper and cobalt phthalocyanines were obtained

Decomposition products of chitosan and polymer complexes with metal phthalocyanines were determined

Pyrolysis of chitosan and its polymer complexes with metallosulphophthalocyanines leads to the formation of carbonizates

The introduction of copper phthalocyanine into the composition of the polymer complex with chitosan leads to an increase in the content of aliphatic structures in carbonizates, and cobalt phthalocyanine in aromatic compounds


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