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Primary Prevention of Outdoor Lead (Pb) Exposure on Residential Properties in Rochester, NY, and Potential of a Sustainable Remediation Solution Involving the Reuse of Drinking Water Treatment Residual (WTR), a Waste Generated Daily by the City

submitted on 08.08.2020, 01:50 and posted on 10.08.2020, 08:28 by Padmini Das, Stephanie Zamule, Deanna R. Bolduc, Michelle J. Patton, Meghan L. Mendola, Julia Penoyer, Benjamin Lyon, Hanna M. Chittenden, Alexander C. Hoyt, Cassandra V. Dupre, Jack J. Wessel, Ivan Gergi, Charlotte V. Buechi, Jane A. Shebert, Mandeep Chauhan, David Giacherio, Jacob C. Phouthavong-Murphy
Prevention of lead (Pb) poisoning is imperative for public health and environmental justice. This study presents both assessment and affordable mitigation of Pb exposure risks at individual yard scales, which are critically important to homeowners to attain primary prevention, but not yet explored thoroughly.


Private partial support by Mr. Larry Peckham and Mrs. Nancy Peckham through Nazareth College High School Summer Research Program in 2018

Nazareth College Summer Opportunities for Activities in Research and Sponsorship (SOARS) in 2018 (partial support)


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