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Pressure-Induced Jahn-Teller Switch in the Homoleptic Hybrid Perovskite [(CH3)2NH2]Cu(HCOO)3: Orbital Reordering by Unconventional Degrees of Freedom

submitted on 22.04.2021, 11:37 and posted on 23.04.2021, 05:27 by Rebecca Scatena, Michał Andrzejewski, Roger Johnson, Piero Macchi

Through in-situ, high-pressure x-ray diffraction experiments we have shown that the homoleptic perovskite-like coordination polymer [(CH3)2NH2]Cu(HCOO)3 undergoes a pressure-induced orbital reordering phase transition above 5.20 GPa. This transition is distinct from previously reported Jahn-Teller switching in coordination polymers, which required at least two different ligands that crystallize in a reverse spectrochemical series. We show that the orbital reordering phase transition in [(CH3)2NH2]Cu(HCOO)3 is instead primarily driven by unconventional octahedral tilts and shifts in the framework, and/or a reconfiguration of A-site cation ordering. These structural instabilities are unique to the coordination polymer perovskites, and may form the basis for undiscovered orbital reorientation phenomena in this broad family of materials.


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