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Practical Implications of Using a Solid Electrolyte in Batteries with Sodium Anode: A Combined X-ray Tomography and Model-based Study

submitted on 07.02.2019, 08:51 and posted on 07.02.2019, 17:29 by Ronja Haas, Constantin Pompe, Markus Osenberg, André Hilger, Ingo Manke, Boris Mogwitz, Urmimala Maitra, Daniel Langsdorf, Daniel Schröder
Herein X-ray tomography of cycled symmetric sodium cells with Na-β-alumina is used to validate the success of a protective layer. X-ray imaging after cell failure reveals that the solid electrolyte unexpectedly broke apart alongside a crack. The crack might have acted as the nucleation site for sodium dendrite growth, which ended in short-circuiting and cell failure.


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