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Potassium Pre-Inserted K1.04Mn8O16 Cathode Materials for Aqueous Li-Ion and Na-Ion Hybrid Capacitors

submitted on 10.09.2019 and posted on 11.09.2019 by Yamin Zhang, Lina Chen, Chongyang Hao, Xiaowen Zheng, Yixuan Guo, Long Chen, Kangrong Lai, Yinghe Zhang, Lijie Ci
For the applications of aqueous Li-ion hybrid capacitors and Na-ion hybrid capacitors, potassium ions are pre-inserted into MnO2 tunnel structure, the as-prepared K1.04Mn8O16 materials consist of nanoparticles and nanorods were prepared by facile high-temperature solid-state reaction. The as-prepared materials were well studied andthey show outstanding electrochemical behavior. We assembled hybrid supercapacitors with commercial activated carbon (YEC-8A) as anode and K1.04Mn8O16 as cathode. It has high energy densities and power densities. Li-ion capacitors reach a high energy density of 127.61 Wh kg-1 at the power density of 99.86 W kg-1 and Na-ion capacitor obtains 170.96 Wh kg-1 at 133.79 W kg-1. In addition, the hybrid supercapacitors demonstrate excellent cycling performance which maintain 97 % capacitance retention for Li-ion capacitor and 85 % for Na-ion capacitor after 10,000 cycles.


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