Potassium Pre-Inserted K1.04Mn8O16 Cathode Materials for Aqueous Li-Ion and Na-Ion Hybrid Capacitors

For the applications of aqueous Li-ion hybrid capacitors and Na-ion hybrid capacitors, potassium ions are pre-inserted into MnO2 tunnel structure, the as-prepared K1.04Mn8O16 materials consist of nanoparticles and nanorods were prepared by facile high-temperature solid-state reaction. The as-prepared materials were well studied andthey show outstanding electrochemical behavior. We assembled hybrid supercapacitors with commercial activated carbon (YEC-8A) as anode and K1.04Mn8O16 as cathode. It has high energy densities and power densities. Li-ion capacitors reach a high energy density of 127.61 Wh kg-1 at the power density of 99.86 W kg-1 and Na-ion capacitor obtains 170.96 Wh kg-1 at 133.79 W kg-1. In addition, the hybrid supercapacitors demonstrate excellent cycling performance which maintain 97 % capacitance retention for Li-ion capacitor and 85 % for Na-ion capacitor after 10,000 cycles.