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Polymerization Photoinitiators with Near-Resonance Enhanced Two-Photon Absorption Cross-Section: Towards High-Resolution Photoresists with Improved Sensitivity

submitted on 16.07.2020, 14:50 and posted on 17.07.2020, 12:20 by Caroline Arnoux, tatsuki konishi, Emma Van Elslande, Eric Aymé Poutougnigni, jean-christophe Mulatier, Lhoussain Khrouz, Christophe Bucher, Elise Dumont, Kenji Kamada, Chantal Andraud, Patrice L. Baldeck, Ákos Bányász, Cyrille Monnereau
Synthesis of novel photoinitiators, spectroscopic (UV vis, fluorescence, steady state and time resolved), electrochemical and EPR studies of their photoinduced radical generation mechanisms, Z-scan measurements of their two-photon absorption cross section, two-photon polymerization at 532 nm, with a pulsed ns laser, material evaluation by scanning electron microscopy


New 3D printing capabilities based on an ultrasensitive nonlinear photosensitive resin – New-3Dprint

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