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Photophysical Investigation of 8-amino 2-Naphthol in Different Micellar Environment

revised on 10.10.2019, 18:08 and posted on 11.10.2019, 22:27 by Neetu Pandey, Richa Gahlaut, Pramod Pandey, Priyanka Arora, Kalpana Tiwari, Neeraj K. Joshi, Hem C. Joshi, Sanjay Pant
*8-amino 2-naphthol (8A2NP) is an interesting molecule containing both proton acceptor (-NH2) and proton donating (-OH) groups. Our earlier investigation on the photophysics / photochemistry of 8A2NP reveals that its prototropic behavior is sensitive to the solvent polarity and pH. Interesting photophysical properties of 8A2NP in homogeneous environment prompting towards the study of the said probe in in different surfactants. In the present work, 8A2NP has been studied in cationic (CTAB), anionic (SDS) and non-ionic (TX-100) surfactants and changes in the excited state deactivation are explored in the mentioned surfactants


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