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Phase Diagram and Cation Dynamics of Mixed MA1-xFAxPbBr3 Hybrid Perovskites

submitted on 13.05.2021, 15:09 and posted on 19.05.2021, 09:32 by Mantas Simenas, Sergejus Balčiūnas, Sarunas Svirskas, Martynas Kinka, Maciej Ptak, Vidmantas Kalendra, Anna Gągor, Daria Szewczyk, Adam Sieradzki, Robertas Grigalaitis, Aron Walsh, Mirosław Mączka, Jūras Banys

We use a multi-technique approach to determine the phase diagram and molecular cation dynamics of mixed methylammonium-formamidinium MA1-xFAxPbBr3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) hybrid perovskites. The calorimetric, ultrasonic and X-ray diffraction experiments show a substantial suppression of the structural phase transitions and stabilization of the cubic phase upon mixing. We use the broadband dielectric and Raman spectroscopies to study the MA and FA cations dynamics in these compounds. The broadband dielectric spectroscopy indicates absence of the MA cation ordering and a gradual increase of the rotation barrier upon mixing. The room-temperature dielectric permittivity substantially decreases as the fraction of the FA cations is increased. No significant changes of the permittivity are detected at temperatures where the dielectric relaxations are absent. We also observe weak signatures of a dipolar glass phase for the highest mixing level (x = 0.5). The Raman spectroscopy supports the dielectric results and reveals additional subtle information about the FA cation dynamics.


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