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Peroxidase-Mimicking Nanozyme with Surface-Dispersed Pt Atoms as the Label for the Lateral Flow Immunoassay of C-Reactive Protein

submitted on 05.03.2021, 17:34 and posted on 08.03.2021, 13:11 by Vasily Panferov, Nadezhda A. Byzova, Anatoly V. Zherdev, Boris B. Dzantiev
We report a new approach to synthesize nanozyme with low consumption of precious Pt-precursor and high peroxidase-mimicking activity. The synthesis includes the formation of gold nanoparticles (Au NPs), the overgrowth of a silver layer over Au NPs (Au@Ag NPs), and the galvanic replacement of Ag with PtCl62- leading to the formation of Au@Ag–Pt NPs with uniformly deposited catalytic Pt sites. The reported approach facilitates up to 20-times lower consumption of Pt precursor. The use of Au@Ag-Pt NPs as the catalytic label in lateral flow immunoassay results in a 65-fold lower limit of detection (15 pg/mL in serum).


This study was financially supported by the Russian Scientific Foundation (grant number No 19-14-00370).


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