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Order Parameters, Orientational Distribution Functions and Heliconical Tilt Angles of Oligomeric Liquid Crystals

submitted on 06.02.2019, 10:01 and posted on 06.02.2019, 15:30 by Richard Mandle, John W. Goodby
We compare the order parameters, orientational distribution functions (ODF) and heliconical tilt angles of the TB phase exhibited by a liquid-crystalline dimer (CB7CB) to a tetramer (O47) and hexamer (O67) by SAXS/WAXS. Following the N-TB phase transition we find that all order parameters decrease, and while 〈P2 〉 remains positive 〈P4 〉 becomes negative. For all three materials the order parameter 〈P6 〉 is near zero in both phases. The ODF is sugarloaf-like in the nematic phase and volcano-like in the TB phase, allowing us to estimate the heliconical tilt angle of each material and its thermal evolution. The heliconical tilt angle appears to be largely independent of the material studied despite the differing number of mesogenic units.


EPSRC EP/K039660/1


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