Optimised Conditions for the Palladium-Catalyzed Hydrogenolysis of Benzyl and Naphthylmethyl Ethers: Preventing Saturation of Aromatic Protecting Groups

2020-03-26T12:54:10Z (GMT) by Conor Crawford Stefan Oscarson

Whilst carrying out palladium catalysed hydrogenolysis to deprotect synthetic oligosaccharides, saturation of the benzyl and naphthylmethyl ether groups to their corresponding ether was observed. In order to suppress this unwanted hydrogenation, we report a scalable practical approach using a catalyst pre-treatment strategy, which is effective under batch or continuous flow conditions. This suppressed the unwanted hydrogenation side-products and created a selective catalyst for hydrogenolysis of benzyl and naphthylmethyl ethers. We demonstrate the efficient deprotection of a set of structurally diverse oligosaccharides (5 examples, >73%).