One-Pot Synthesis: Polymers, Hydrogel and Nanoparticles from Natural Extracted Green Materials

The development of green nanomaterials from renewable resources is the utmost importance in a context of sustainable development. In this work, we describe the preparation of green nanomaterials of polymer, nanoparticles and hydrogel that arise from the natural extraction of myrcene and ocimene using air/water as a catalyst in one pot. Interestingly, we noticed the polymerization of myrcene in situ condition with attaining high molecular mass and low polydispersity index. The explanation of the polymerization kinetics that were investigated through nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and gel permeation chromatography (GPC). Importantly, we elucidated the preparation of green hydrogel by using water as a crosslinking agent. Further, we also described green nanoparticle formation by using emulsion method. The nanoparticles that obtained were 130 ±10 nm in terms of size and were found to be monodispersed. With these novel ‘green nanomaterials’, we project that they will be beneficial to multiple nanotechnological applications.