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On the Terrestrial Gravitational Bending of Quantum Fields during Optics, Enzymatics and Catalyses of Biomolecular and Nanoscale Chemical Reactions.pdf (395.4 kB)

On the Terrestrial Gravitational Bending of Quantum Fields during Optics, Enzymatics and Catalyses of Biomolecular and Nanoscale Chemical Reactions

submitted on 17.01.2020, 04:27 and posted on 20.01.2020, 12:33 by Reginald Little
The death of cancer cells under zero gravity or simulated zero gravity has an unknown cause. A prior theory of gravity by fractional, reversible fissing of matter and fusing of space to target is presented for explaining this mystery of gravitational killing of cancer cells. With this new theory a new math of divergent differentiations and divergent integrations are outlined to explain mysteries. By the mechanism given the variation in source gravity as computed by the new math can thereby explain effects on biology as the biology and chemistry have divergent differentiations and divergent integrations, which couple source of gravities and couple changing gravities to surrounding spaces and targets in surrounding spaces. Greater effects of
gravities in nano-scales than molecular scales are reasoned as nano-sizes have mass effects and greater collectivity relative to molecular scales. The mechanism also postulates superluminosity of rare with slowing to luminous with denseness (space reversal) for explaining inertia, denseness and back and forth time reversal. The loss of inertia due to space reversal is reasoned! Mass to energy and vice versa dynamics are involved relativistically. By such new mechanics there are differences in denseness as the superlumes fiss to rare so surrounding rare can couple and the superluminous rare concentrates to slow so as to couple to dense. There are limits of such superluminosity as by the vast distances and the vast, composite, dense spaces of matter and the slowness (inertia). These new mechanics of composite matter/space manifest group dispersion (by new divergent calculus) as provided by hidden mechanics as by self-interacting self-deforming conformations to explain observable phase dispersed (older calculus). The observables are manifested by phase dispersions of matter and space as by new divergent calculus via constructive self interactions. The new math is contrasted with the Newtonian integrals and derivatives, which are more finite in actions and consequences whereas the divergent integrals and divergent differentiations are more ∞ in actions and consequences. If dynamic ∞ and count ∞, then the counting and mechanics can be as demonstrated here by many ∞(s) or counter ∞(s).


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