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On-the-Fly Determination of Active Region Centers in Adaptive-Partitioning QM/MM

submitted on 27.05.2020 and posted on 29.05.2020 by Zenghui Yang
Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) methods partition the system into active and environmental regions and treat them with different levels of theory, achieving accuracy and efficiency at the same time. Adaptive-partitioning (AP) QM/MM methods allow on-the-fly changes to the QM/MM partitioning of the system. Many of the available energy-based AP-QM/MM methods partition the system according to distances to pre-chosen centers of active regions. For such AP-QM/MM methods, I develop an adaptive-center (AC) method that allows on-the-fly determination of the centers of active regions according to general geometrical or potential-related criteria, extending the range of application of energy-based AP-QM/MM methods to systems where active regions may occur or vanish during the simulation.


Science Challenge Project No. TZ2016003

National Natural Science Foundation of China grant No. 11804314


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