NMR Elucidation of “NaCl Effect” in Carbohydrates Conversion Toward a Rational Prediction

2019-02-21T16:34:32Z (GMT) by Gan Zhu Hui Li Yiqun Li Liuqun Gu

“NaCl Effect” was well known in biomass chemical degradation including carbohydrate transformations, in which NaCl had significant positive effect in promoting/catalyzing particular transformation. However, direct evidence was very rare in proposed mechanisms to elucidate “NaCl Effect”, here we reported 1H NMR evidences of “NaCl Effect” on different saccharides and at once non-selective bonding of Cl-H was proposed instead of sequence bonding during deconstruction of hydrogen bonding network based on evidences. A general recommending NaCl usage based on total hydroxyls on saccharides could well explain the best effect of hydrogen bonding destruction in most reported literatures.