NIR-active Nanoterminator with Mature Dendritic Cell Acitivities for Immuno-Priming Mild Photothermal Cancer Therapy

Recently, photothermal-immuno synergistic therapy under mild temperature (~ 45 °C) has got broad interest in cancer treatment. Inhibition the intratumorally HSPs production is the key to accomplish highly efficient and mild photothermal therapy. In this work, we developed biomimetic nanoterminators with mature DCs functions by coating the mature dendritic cell membrane on photothermal nanoagents. As-prepared nanoterminators could automatically locate on T cell in the complex tumor-immune microenvironment and promote the T cells proliferation, activation and cytokine secretion, which could not only inhibit the expression of heat shock proteins to cooperate on highly efficient mild photothermal therapy (~42°C), but also promote tumor apoptosis during the treatment. More importantly, this nanoterminator could serve as vaccine to trigger anti-tumor immune response of the whole body, which would be promising to long-life tumor inhibition and termination.