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Multifunctional [(CH₃)₃S][FeCl4] Plastic Crystal for Solar Thermal and Electric Energy Storage

submitted on 19.08.2020, 19:02 and posted on 20.08.2020, 11:30 by Jorge Salgado-Beceiro, Juan Manuel Bermudez Garcia, Antonio Llamas-Saiz, Socorro Castro-Garcia, Maria Antonia Señaris-Rodriguez, Francisco Rivadulla, Manuel Sanchez-Andujar
In this work, we report a new halometallate [(CH3)3S][FeCl4] with plastic crystal behaviour as a new material for multi-energy storage. This material undergoes a first-order solid-solid plastic crystal phase transition near room temperature with a relatively large latent heat (~40 kJ kg-1) and an operational temperature for storing and releasing thermal energy between 42 oC (315 K) and 29 oC (302 K), very appropriate for solar thermal energy storage. In addition, the dielectric, magnetization and electron spin resonance studies reveal that this material exhibits multifunctional properties with temperature-induced reversible changes in its dielectric, conducting and magnetic behaviour associated with the phase transition. Also, the dielectric permitivity increases sharply up to 5 times when inducing the phase transition, which can be exploited to store electric energy into a capacitor. Therefore, [(CH3)3S][FeCl4] is a very interesting compound with coexistence of multifunctional properties that can be useful for both solar thermal and electric energy storage.


Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance (MINECO) and European ERDF funds (Project No. MAT2017-86453-R)

Xunta de Galicia (Project No. ED431G/09)

Ministry of Science of Spain (Project No. MAT2016-80762-R)

Consellería de Cultura, Educación e Ordenación Universitaria (ED431F 2016/008, and Centro singular de investigación de Galicia accreditation 2016-2019, ED431G/09)

Xunta de Galicia (Project No. ED431B 2018/16)

Xunta de Galicia Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme


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