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Multi-gram Mechanosynthesis of Salophen-Complex: A Comparative Analysis

submitted on 08.10.2020 and posted on 08.10.2020 by Felipe Garcia, How Chee Ong, Varun Kumar Singh, alex Chamberlain-Clay, felix leon, gavin Hum, mian yang par, patrick Daley-dee
Mechanochemistry is a powerful alternative to traditional solvent-based synthesis as it is environmentally benign, allows for higher yields in shorter reaction times, while minimizing the use of solvents. Although mechanochemical routes are becoming increasingly mainstream in synthetic laboratories, up-scales examples for main group complexes are still rare. Here, motivated by the practical implementation of mechanosynthesis, we demonstrated the synthesis of salen and salophen complexes. The herein reported synthesis displays low E-factor and process mass intensity compared to conventional solution methods. In addition, analyses evaluating environmental parameters, energy consumption and production costs have been performed, showing the multiple advantages mechanochemistry has over convetional solution-based synthesis


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