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Multi-Color Emission with Orthogonal Input Triggers from a Diarylethene Pyrene-OTHO Organogelator Cocktail

submitted on 09.09.2019, 16:12 and posted on 10.09.2019, 15:59 by Mark D. Johnstone, Chin-wei hsu, Nicolas Hochbaum, Joakim Andréasson, Andréasson, Henrik Sundén

Controlling spectral and physicochemical properties with external stimuli is vital for the development of smart materials. Here we demonstrate a supramolecular gelator based on a fluorescent oxotriphenylhexanoate (OTHO) that can switch emission profiles between the solution and gel phase. Furthermore, a cocktail of the gelator and a photochromic diarylethene derivative enables four distinct emissive states to be obtained, which are modulated with light and heat as orthogonal input triggers.


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