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Morphogenesis of Magnetite Mesocrystals: Interplay Between Nanoparticle Morphology and Solvation Shell

submitted on 07.06.2021, 15:44 and posted on 08.06.2021, 13:43 by Julian Brunner, Britta Maier, Sabrina L. J. Thomä, Felizitas Kirner, Igor Baburin, Dmitry Lapkin, Rose Rosenberg, Sebastian Sturm, Dameli Assalauova, Jerome Carnis, Young Yong Kim, Zhe Ren, Fabian Westermeier, Sebastian Theiss, Horst Borrmann, Sebastian Polarz, Alexander Eychmüller, Axel Lubk, Ivan Vartanyants, Helmut Cölfen, Mirijam Zobel, Elena Sturm
In this study, faceted mesocrystals have been assembled from the dispersion of truncated cubic-shaped iron oxide nanoparticles stabilized by oleic acid (OA) molecules using the non-solvent “gas phase diffusion technique” into an organic solvent. The effects of synthesis conditions as well as of the nanoparticle size and shape on the structure and morphogenesis of mesocrystals were examined. The interactions of OA capped iron oxide nanoparticles with solvent molecules were probed by analytical ultracentrifugation and double difference pair distribution function analysis. It was shown that the structure of the organic shell significantly depends on the nature and polarity of solvent molecules.


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