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Molecular and Supported Ti(III)–Alkyls: Efficient Ethylene Polymerization Driven by π-Character of Metal-Carbon Bonds and Back Donation from a Singly Occupied Molecular Orbital

submitted on 24.07.2020 and posted on 24.07.2020 by Anton Ashuiev, Florian Allouche, Nino Wili, Keith Searles, Daniel Klose, Christophe Copéret, Gunnar Jeschke
Manuscript on a study on a homogeneous polymerization catalyst, its conversion to a heterogeneous catalyst by reaction with a support, an improvement of catalytic properties by this step, characterization of the structure of both catalysts, and insight into the mechanism of ethylene polymerization and its relation to electronic structure of intermediates.

All important information for interpreting and reproducing the findings is contained in the main text and the supplementary information appended within the same PDF document.


SNF-ANR grant MR-CAT 2-77275-15


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