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Modular 3D Printed Compressed Air Driven Continuous-Flow Systems for Chemical Synthesis

submitted on 28.02.2019, 00:37 and posted on 28.02.2019, 17:41 by Matthew Penny,, Zenobia Rao, Bruno Peniche, Stephen Hilton
In this present study, we describe the development of a low-cost, small-footprint and modular 3D printed continuous-flow system that readily attaches to existing stirrer hotplates. Flow-rates are controlled by compressed air that is typically present in all fume hoods, making it suitable for use by synthetic chemists. The length of the flow-path and reaction residence time is regulated by control of the air-flow and pressure and by addition of one or more 3D printed polypropylene (PP) circular disk reactors that were designed to fit a DrySyn Multi-E base which is found in most synthetic laboratories. The ease of use of the system, the facile control of flow-rates and the solvent resistance of the PP reactors was demonstrated in a range of SNAr reactions to produce substituted ether derivatives highlighting the utility and modularity of the system.




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