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Microfluidic Microbioreactor to Reduce the Cost and Speed Up Optimisation of Protein Production

submitted on 29.02.2020, 23:18 and posted on 03.03.2020, 05:55 by Mayur Parekh, abdulaziz ali, Simon Bateson, Fathi Abugchem, Leon Pybus, Christopher Lennon, Zulfiqur Ali
Here, we demonstrate a low-cost polymer microfluidic microbioreactor with a working volume of 1 mL, integrated with optical sensors for pH, oxygen and cell density, and maintained at constant set temperature for the optimisation of recombinant protein production from Pichia pastoris. Oxygen is transferred from a headspace enclosure, formed using inkjet 3D printing, through a gas-permeable membrane within the microbioreactor with a KLa of 90 at 1500 rpm. A pressurised fluid driving system is used with flow rates controllable to 0.7 µL/min with fluid switching from four reservoirs performed off the microfluidic microbioreactor element so that this can be produced at low cost using high replication techniques.


European Commission Horizon 2020 GateOne project (project number 644856).


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