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Mechanochemistry Enables Targeted Synthesis of Mixed-Metal Microporous Metal-Organic Frameworks Using Pre-Assembled Precursors

submitted on 06.02.2019, 22:08 and posted on 07.02.2019, 17:26 by Ghada Ayoub, Bahar Karadeniz, Ashlee J. Howarth, Omar Farha, Ivica Đilović, Luzia S. Germann, Robert E. Dinnebier, Krunoslav Užarević, Tomislav Friscic
Ball milling mechanochemistry enables enables targeted, rapid synthesis of mixed-metal metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) with controllable stoichiometric composition. Specifically, the use of ball milling enabled the use of pre-assembled coordination polymers of zinc, magnesium, nickel(II) and cobalt(II) as precursors in an innovative mechanochemical strategy for the deliberate assembly of mixed-metal MOF-74 materials comprised of pairs of transition of main group metals in a pre-determinmed 1:1 stoichiometric ratio, including ZnMg-, ZnCo, ZnCu, MgZn-, MgCo-, MgCa-, NiZn-,NiMg-, NiCo-, CoZn-, CoMg- and CoCu-MOF-74. While this is the first example of target-oriented MOF synthesis using mechanochemistry, it also provides an entry to controlling the stoichiometric composition of mixed-metal frameworks.


NSERC Discovery Grant (RGPIN-2017-06467)

NSERC and E. W. R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship (SMFSU 507347-17)

Defense Threat Reduction Agency (HDTRA1‐18‐1‐0003)

Croatian Science Foundation Grant No. 4744


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