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Mechanochemical Synthesis of Mixed Metal, Mixed Linker GlassForming Metal–Organic Frameworks

submitted on 13.02.2020, 20:30 and posted on 14.02.2020, 12:57 by Michael Thorne, Laura Rios, Alice Bumstead, Shichun Li, Thomas Bennett
Current methodologies to produce glass forming metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) rely on non-scalable solvothermal syntheses which have high energy requirements, relatively low yields and large tetratogenic solvent usage. Here we use a mechanochemical method to produce glass-forming MOFs, ZIF-62 and ZIF-UC-5, in 30 minutes at room temperature, using microlitre quantities of solvent and stoichiometric amounts of organic linkers. This method facilitates the accurate synthesis of ZIF-62 structures containing both Co and Zn, allowing the effect of metal-ion dopant upon melting temperature to be studied for the first time. Further to this, we present variable organic linker ratio series of IF-62 and of ZIF-UC-5. The specific composition of the materials in the series is made possible by the mechanochemical method. We also present a greener solvothermal method to form ZIF-62, which is capable of producing crystalline materials of suffcient quality for single crystal diffraction experiments.


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