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Macroporous Silicone Sheets Integrated with Meshes for Various Applications

submitted on 27.03.2019, 18:30 and posted on 28.03.2019, 15:12 by Gen Hayase, Shin-ichiro M. Nomura
Flexible macroporous silicone gels were prepared using methyltrimethoxysilane and dimethyldimethoxysilane as co-precursors via a two-step reaction catalyzed by acetic acid and ammonia solution. A sheet-shaped material was integrated with the gel by immersing the mesh in the sol during the reaction. The mesh reinforced sheet having a thickness of several millimeters was resistant to bending and pulling and easy to handle. The composite sheet was used for various applications such as water-oil separation, manipulation of water droplets by adsorption on the hydrophobic surface, and preparation of giant vesicle dispersion.


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