MOF-Mediated Synthesis of Supported Fe-doped Pd Nanoparticles under Mild Conditions for Magnetically Recoverable Catalysis

MOF-driven synthesis is considered as a promising alternative for the development of new catalytic materials with well-designed active sites. This synthetic approach is used here to gradually transform a new bimetallic MOF, composed of Pd and Fe as metal components, via the in situ generation of aniline under mild conditions. This methodology results in a compositionally homogeneous nanocomposite formed by Fedoped Pd nanoparticles and these, in turn, supported on an iron oxide-doped carbon. The nanocomposite has been fully characterized by several techniques such as IR, Raman, TEM, XPS, XAS, among others. The performance of this nanocomposite as an heterogeneous catalyst for hydrogenation of nitroarenes and nitrobenzene coupling with benzaldehyde has been evaluated, proving it to be an efficient and reusable catalyst.