Light- or Dark-Colored, L-DOPA-Based Melanins

2018-06-26T14:20:04Z (GMT) by Koen Vercruysse Margaret M. Whalen

This report is a continuation of previous research on the H2O2-mediated synthesis of melanin-like pigments. We synthesized and characterized L-DOPA-based pigments using air- or H2O2-mediated oxidation. We compared their physic-chemical properties and evaluated their capacity to affect the interleukin release from immune cells. The use of higher concentrations of H2O2 resulted in melanin-like materials with a distinct chemical signature in their FT-IR spectra and a lighter color. All pigments enhanced the interleukin release from immune cells. The possibility that lighter-colored melanins can be generated is discussed in the context of the importance of melanin-based pigmentation in human physiology.