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Large-Scale Assessment of Binding Free Energy Calculations in Active Drug Discovery Projects

revised on 25.01.2020, 07:04 and posted on 27.01.2020, 09:02 by Christina Schindler, Hannah Baumann, Andreas Blum, Dietrich Böse, Hans-Peter Buchstaller, Lars Burgdorf, Daniel Cappel, Eugene Chekler, Paul Czodrowski, Dieter Dorsch, Merveille Eguida, Bruce Follows, Thomas Fuchß, Ulrich Grädler, Jakub Gunera, Theresa Johnson, Catherine Jorand Lebrun, Srinivasa Karra, Markus Klein, Lisa Kötzner, Tim Knehans, Mireille Krier, Matthias Leiendecker, Birgitta Leuthner, Liwei Li, Igor Mochalkin, Djordje Musil, Constantin Neagu, Friedrich Rippmann, Kai Schiemann, Robert Schulz, Thomas Steinbrecher, Eva-Maria Tanzer, Andrea Unzue Lopez, Ariele Viacava Follis, Ansgar Wegener, Daniel Kuhn
Here we present an evaluation of the binding affinity prediction accuracy of the free energy calculation method FEP+ on internal active drug discovery projects and on a large new public benchmark set.


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Daniel Cappel, Tim Knehans and Thomas Steinbrecher are employees of Schrödinger GmbH.