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Integral Mass Balance (IMB) Method for Measuring Multicomponent Gas Adsorption Equilibria in Nanoporous Material

submitted on 24.08.2020, 17:01 and posted on 25.08.2020, 09:42 by Darren Broom, Orhan Talu, Michael J. Benham
Multicomponent gas adsorption equilibria must be determined in order to assess the performance of an adsorbent for a particular gas separation and for process design. The experimental techniques commonly used for this purpose, however, are time-consuming and typically require large samples. In this article, we describe a new approach, called the Integral Mass Balance (IMB) method, which combines the controlled flow of a gas mixture with in-situ gravimetric measurement and gas composition analysis using quadrupole mass spectrometry. The IMB method allows very rapid equilibrium multicomponent gas adsorption measurements to be performed on samples weighing only a few grams. The method is demonstrated and validated by performing binary O2/N2 adsorption measurements on a commercial 5A zeolite, at ambient temperature and a total pressure of 0.915 MPa. Excellent agreement with previously published data was found, using a 3.5 g sample, with a measurement time of only four hours for a twenty point isotherm. In contrast, other techniques of equivalent accuracy would require around twenty days of experimental effort to collect a comparable amount of data. Selectivities were also calculated and shown to agree with previously published results. In principle, the technique could readily be extended to measure gas adsorption from ternary or higher mixtures.


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