Insights into Kinetics of Magnesium Removal by Titain Yellow Supported on Classic Thiourea-Formaldehyde Resin

2020-06-01T09:05:06Z (GMT) by Khalid Elwakeel

It was evaluated for the adsorption behavior and the underlying kinetics of magnesium sorption on Titian yellow (TY) supported on thiourea-formaldehyde resin (TF). The results of analyzing sorption behavior showed that the sorption environment had different effects on the sorption of Mg(II) ions. It could be found that pH had the best sorption effect on Mg(II) ions, The maximum adsorption capacity of Mg was 19.45 mg g−1 when it was at initial pH = 10.5. Under the optimal conditions, the maximum sorption capacities of Mg(II) ions was 19.45 mg g−1. Therefore, TF-TY was found to be a most efficient adsorbent for Mg(II) removal from water.