Identification of Key Proteins Involved in Axon Guidance Related Disorders: A Systems Biology Approach

2018-04-17T17:36:44Z (GMT) by Ishtiaque Ahammad

Axon guidance is a crucial process for growth of the central and peripheral nervous systems. In this study, 3 axon guidance related disorders, namely- Duane Retraction Syndrome (DRS) , Horizontal Gaze Palsy with Progressive Scoliosis (HGPPS) and Congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type 3 (CFEOM3) were studied using various Systems Biology tools to identify the genes and proteins involved with them to get a better idea about the underlying molecular mechanisms including the regulatory mechanisms. Based on the analyses carried out, 7 significant modules have been identified from the PPI network. Five pathways/processes have been found to be significantly associated with DRS, HGPPS and CFEOM3 associated genes. From the PPI network, 3 have been identified as hub proteins- DRD2, UBC and CUL3.