Hierarchical Micro-/Macroporous TS-1 Zeolite Epoxidation Catalyst Prepared by Steam Assisted Crystallization

Mesoporous Ti–SiO2 nanoparticles were prepared under alkaline conditions in the presence of a surfactant and were subsequently converted into a hierarchical micro-/macroporous TS-1 zeolite with large crystal size using steam assisted crystallization. In this procedure, the precursor nanoparticles were used both as macroporous hard template and as Si and Ti sources. The secondary macroporosity is a reminiscence of the nanoparticles which undergo dissolution and recrystallization upon steaming. The obtained catalyst has structural properties comparable to benchmark TS-1. We show that the successful conversion of the amorphous material into a fully crystalline catalyst stands for its excellent catalytic performance in aqueous media. Besides, the combination of large crystal size with a hierarchical pore structure ensures easy catalyst handling and processing without compromising on the catalytic activity.