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Helixvis: Visualize α-Helical Peptides in Python

submitted on 08.11.2020, 22:30 and posted on 16.11.2020, 14:24 by Vigneshwar Subramanian, Raoul Wadhwa, Regina Stevens-Truss
Representing three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional screen or sheet of paper can be challenging. To address this issue in the context of oligopeptide alpha-helical secondary structure, the helical wheel and wenxiang diagram visualizations have been developed. Although there exist graphical interfaces and web servers that generate these visualizations, a Python implementation has not yet been popularized. Here, we introduce the Python helixvis package, a companion to the R helixvis package, as a programmatic implementation of alpha helix visualization. All the code and output in this report is fully reproducible and available at helixvis.


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