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Harnessing Chemical Energy for the Activation and Joining of Prebiotic Building Blocks

submitted on 26.11.2019, 16:00 and posted on 02.12.2019, 11:30 by Ziwei Liu, Long-Fei Wu, Jianfeng Xu, Claudia Bonfio, Russell David, John Sutherland
Simultaneous activation of carboxylates and phosphates provides multiple pathways for the generation of reactive intermediates, including mixed carboxylic acid-phosphoric acid anhydrides, for the synthesis of peptidyl-RNAs, peptides, RNA oligomers and primordial phospholipids. These results indicate that unified prebiotic activation chemistry could have enabled the joining of building blocks in aqueous solution from a common pool and enabled the progression of a system towards higher complexity foreshadowing the modern encapsulated peptide-nucleic acid system


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