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Graphene-Oxide Based Fluorescent DNA Aptasensor for Liver Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

submitted on 10.03.2021, 02:23 and posted on 10.03.2021, 13:20 by Ke Ma, Wei Xie, Wei Liu, Lei Wang, Dong Wang, Ben Zhong Tang
Graphene-oxide based fluorescent DNA aptasensors for the in vivo application remain a challenging task. We demonstrate for the first time such a nanomaterial for in vivo diagnosis and therapy of liver tumor with good biocompatibility and high selectivity. This DNA nanomaterial comprising of DNA tetrahedron and aptamers, aggregation-induced emission luminogen (AIEgens) and antitumor drug doxorubicin, is fabricated and attached on GO surface. Additionally, this GO-based fluorescent DNA nanodevice is also constructed by using microfluidic chip for liver tumor cell screening.


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