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ChemRxiv Kaspar & Giessmann Transglycosyation Yield Pred Draft 2019-11-27.pdf (630.38 kB)

General Principles for Yield Optimization of Nucleoside Phosphorylase-Catalyzed Transglycosylations

submitted on 27.11.2019, 15:01 and posted on 04.12.2019, 07:30 by Felix Kaspar, Robert T. Giessmann, Katja Hellendahl, Peter Neubauer, Anke Kurreck, Matthias Gimpel
This is our publication "General Principles for Yield Optimization of Nucleoside Phosphorylase-Catalyzed Transglycosylations" that described the prediction and optimization of yields in nucleoside transglycosylations mediated by nucleoside phosphorylases. As a continuation to previous reports, we highlight the varying effect of excess phosphate on product yield both theoretically and experimentally, as this is a crucially important feature of the reaction system previous undecribed. Furthermore, we provide a simplified equation for the estimation of product yield that allows for straightforward analytical solutions instead of the numerical solutions previously required. Herein, we provide the full text draft of our work along with the supplementary information. Externally hosted supplementary files can be accessed via the links cited in the main document.


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Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of selenium-modified nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids

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