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Functionalized Polyesters via Stereoselective Electrochemical Ring-Opening Polymerization of O-Carboxyanhydrides

submitted on 06.05.2020, 23:02 and posted on 11.05.2020, 07:55 by Yongliang Zhong, quanyou feng, xiaoqian wang, jia chen, wenjun cai, Rong Tong
Ring-opening polymerization is used to prepare polyesters with precisely controlled molecular weights, molecular weight distributions, and tacticities. Herein, we report a newly developed Co/Zn catalytic system that can be activated by an electrical current to mediate efficient ring-opening polymerization of enantiopure O-carboxyanhydrides, allowing for the synthesis of isotactic functionalized polyesters with high molecular weights (>140 kDa) and narrow molecular weight distributions (Mw/Mn < 1.1). We also demonstrate that these catalysts can be used for stereoselective ring-opening polymerization of racemic O-carboxyanhydrides to synthesize syndiotactic or stereoblock copolymers with different glass transition temperatures compared with their atactic counterparts.


Photoredox Polymerization of O-Carboxyanhydrides for Functionalized Polyesters

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Provisional patents (U.S. Patent Application No: 62/414,016 and VTIP No. 19-112) have been filed pertaining to the results presented in this paper.

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